Central Texas Discover Engineering (CTDE) invites you to participate in our local engineering classroom visit program this school year. Our goal is to excite kids about the possibilities of careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. We encourage our team members to talk about why they chose their careers, what they liked to do as children that led them to their careers as adults, or what will best help someone to prepare for a STEM career. Many of our activities involve working as teams, which is common in the engineering profession. They also involve solving problems, which is essential to success in many fields. See what students are saying about our visits.

Register your School for a Classroom Visit

Each year, our program aims to reach 15,000 students across every school district in the Central Texas region. As such, we cannot typically secure volunteers to visit an entire school. Instead, it is best to coordinate with other teachers in your school to request a visit to one grade, a select few classes, or a specific group of students. We encourage classroom visits to take place during the spring semester so we have plenty of time to help match up volunteers to school requests.

Educator registration IS OPEN for classroom visit requests. CTDE has partnered with several organizations to create Texas STEM Connections, a web-based tool using the Nepris platform that makes it easy for STEM professionals to connect with K-20 educators, classrooms, out of school time programs, and other volunteer opportunities.

  • Create a profile, indicate “Central Texas Discover Engineering” as an organization you’re affiliated with (add details to your profile through the account settings)
  • Create an in-person, in-school request. Be as detailed and specific as possible to have the best chance of connecting with volunteers.
  • Browse the potential volunteers and invite any who might be good fits to check out your volunteer request. Volunteers will also be checking out opportunities and may express interest in your request.
  • Watch your email and/or your Dashboard in Texas STEM Connections once you’ve created your volunteer request and let the system walk you through the process of confirming with any volunteers.
  • Use the online help or more detailed volunteer instructions to help create your profile, set up your account settings and affiliations such as CTDE, and get connected to volunteers.

Participating Schools

Click for a list of schools that have participated in recent years with CTDE classroom visits.

Provide Feedback

Once an engineer has visited your classroom, please fill out this brief Educator Feedback Form or complete the online form through Texas STEM Connections so we can keep track of how many kids we reached this year in our Annual Report.

Volunteer References or Background Checks

CTDE and partnering organizations with Texas STEM Connections have performed no references or background checks on these potential volunteers and neither recommends nor certifies any volunteer. It is entirely your responsibility to thoroughly check references or perform any background checks required by your school or district or organization. CTDE and partnering organizations with Texas STEM Connections provide no warranty, guarantees of suitability, or information other than the ability to contact these potential volunteers, and all liability in any use of volunteers rests only with you. Under no circumstances are CTDE and partnering organizations with Texas STEM Connections responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any person’s reliance on this potential volunteer.

Links and Resources

Educator FAQ about CTDE

Texas Girls Collaborative Project | Resources and best practices for engaging girls (and all kids) in STEM; Educator workshops, regional resource sharing listservs.

Blossoms | Video modules for high school math and science classes created by gifted volunteer teachers from around the world.

CyberChase | An award-winning math mystery cartoon series on PBS KIDS GO! that delights 8-11 year olds with eye-popping action and humor.

Design Squad | Emmy and Peabody Award-winning series from WGBH offers a Teacher’s Guide for middle school STEM teachers. | Comprehensive resource to give students all the information they need to make smart decisions about their education and prepare them for their career as an engineer.

Engineering Go For It | Engineering descriptions, media and resources for students and teachers from the American Society for Engineering Education.

POWERUP Game | Multiplayer video game from IBM Corp. encourages teenagers to save the planet by playing a video game – and learning science at the same time.

Teachers TryScience | Web resource for teachers providing free and engaging lessons, along with teaching strategies and resources, designed spark students’ interest in STEM.

ZOOM | daily interactive TV series that challenges 5-11 year-olds to “turn off the TV and do it!” ZOOM is packed with science experiments, recipes, plays, games, jokes, chats, poems, and volunteer ideas, all sent in by viewers, and offers a wealth of activities for kids.

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